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Corporate Social Investment

We have been closely involved in community programs where members of staff are part of this investment. Through our close engagement, we have impacted positively on the social and environment welfare of the community. 

The Employee Voluntary Program (EVP), was set up to encourage employees in giving back to the community or to the least fortunate of the community, on a voluntary basis. 

Trees for Health Project

AAR "Trees for Health" project is based on the notion that the health of the environment directly impacts on the health of children (and adults). Therefore steps taken to improve children's health are combined and intricately associated with taking action towards creating a healthier environment.

Trees for Health project focus areas

  • De-worming Open or Close

    This program contributes to Education for All. The de-worming program aims at preventive healthcare through mass de-worming in schools. This eliminates intestinal parasites that may cause malnutrition leading to anemia, impairments in physical and cognitive development and to some extent organ failure.

  • Environment Open or Close

    The tree planting program, aims at proper tree planting to ensure the successful restoration of deforested areas, hence creating ecologically sustainable resource use. This is achieved through tree planting and care practical lessons on school grounds.

  • Paper recycling Open or Close

    We encourage staff to recycle paper and old newspapers. Proceeds go towards supporting the Trust’s -Trees for Health and support The Cluster Foundation - an organization giving a new lease of life to Paraplegics.

  • Training Open or Close

    This program creates awareness of basic health and environmental stability by creating a multiplier effect in communities and providing continuity to our basic health and environmental conservation program in schools and learning institutions.

  • Outreach Open or Close

    This program aims at reaching out to disadvantaged communities in order to improve their well-being and create awareness on health and environmental related issues. The program includes giving talks on health, environment and careers to school children, teachers and the wider community.