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Out-Patient Services

Out-Patient Medical Care

We offer all patients convenient and easy access to healthcare facilities and medical consultation.

We provide the following services at all our centres:

  • Preventative Services Open or Close
    1. - Immunisations
    2. - Vaccinations and
    3. - Medical check-ups
  • Diagnostic Services Open or Close
    1. - Laboratory tests
    2. - Ultrasound
    3. - X-ray services
  • GP & Specialist Services Open or Close
    1. - Paediatrician & Well Baby
    2. - Gynaecologist
    3. - Orthopaedic
    4. - Nutritionist
    5. - Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT)
    6. - Physiotherapy
    7. - HIV Care
  • Wellness Programme Open or Close

    Our Wellness Programme is personalized to promote and support the health, safety and wellbeing of our partners as well as help meet the needs of each of our clients, whether they are healthy or dealing with a new or on-going health issue.

    The programme is structured to sensitize and educate clients on ways to stay healthy and prevent serious issues.

    Employers eventually benefit as they experience improved productivity, employee retention, better employee health and morale and lower health-related costs.

    The programme components include:

    1. Screening and Testing - for basic biometrics: height, weight, BP, heart rate, body fat and circumference measurements and testing for cholesterol, blood sugar etc.
    2. HIV/AIDS and STI programme - this involves voluntary testing, pre and post-test counselling, STI management, comprehensive care clinics (CCC follow up) and ARV therapy.
    3. Weight Management Programme – behavioural counselling to practice healthy nutritional choices, portion control, and also incorporates physical fitness and exercise.
    4. Mental Health/Stress Management Programme – stress management health talks to help employees wholesomely . Reducing stress should have an impact on weight maintenance, absenteeism, injury/disability claims and conflict resolution.
    5. Chronic Disease Management Programme (other non-communicable diseases) - this programme focuses on chronic ailments such as hypertension, diabetes, obesity, asthma, congenital ailments and cardiovascular diseases. It also covers risk factors for cancer and tips on how to modify lifestyles to improve the odds of preventing many different types of cancers.
    6. Health promotion programme – this will focus on providing health tips and health talks on preventive measures against medical conditions, counselling on lifestyle changes.

Our centres are equipped with the latest state-of-the-art medical technology with a set of key specialist services tailor-made to match the patient’s profiles.