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Emergency Numbers: +254 725 225 225 | +254 734 225 225

Rescue Services

We provide reliable yet flexible services as well as offering ambulance services packages that meet the needs of our clients 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Our emergency rescue service consists of state of the art equipment and vehicles, staffed by highly trained, dedicated, patient-focused personnel. 

We are able to provide unrivalled levels of patient care, transporting over 3,000 patients a year with our high quality medical care and ambulance services regularly commissioned by other major hospitals, private healthcare groups, local authorities and individuals.

We provide the following services under our Rescue services unit:

  • Event Coverage Open or Close

    We offer standby ambulance services at events across the country from sporting events, exhibitions, corporate and national events.  

  • Training Open or Close

    We offer personalized First Aid and Life Support courses, designed to ensure lifesaving techniques and safety measures are embraced by rescue staff and the general public.

    We are certified trainers with National Industrial Training Authority and Directorate of Occupational Safety and Health. Our team constitutes of well-trained Paramedics, Doctors and Emergency Medical Technicians supported by a wide array of advanced medical techniques and equipment to ensure course attendants are well prepared to cope with any situation.

    We train over 5,000 medical professionals and non-medical staff from over 100 corporate organizations across East Africa yearly.

  • ER Education Open or Close

    At AAR Rescue, we have tailored products to care for our student when in various institutions.

    The general benefits include; Emergency rescue within school, stabilization/treatment on site by emergency medical personnel and transfer to hospital of choice by road or air.

  • ER Business Open or Close

    We recognize that 70% of fatalities attributed to accidents or serious medical emergencies can be prevented with immediate professional medical attention. We therefore have developed an ER Business package.

    The benefits include;

    1. Unlimited Road Ambulance rescue within Kenya 24/7.
    2. Basic in and outpatient cover Kshs 100,000 per person per year for accident related emergencies.
    3. Stabilization and/or treatment on site.
    4. Transfer to hospital where necessary.
    5. Advance notification and diagnosis report to receiving medical facility for speedy casualty admission.
  • First Aid Kits Open or Close

    We provide First Aid Kits in various sizes to cater for both personal and business use and can be provided on request and are available in all our Outpatient Centres.