1. Outpatient Medical Care

Our 8 outpatient centers are conveniently located near residential areas, shopping malls or the Central Business places offering patients convenient and easy access to healthcare facilities and medical consultation. We offer a wide range of specialist clinics, diagnostic services and treatments at each centre with each having its own set of key specialist services tailor-made to match its patients’ profile. Each centre is also equipped with the latest medical technology and state-of-the-art facilities, providing the same high quality care.

2. Quality Assurance

Our commitment to the highest standards of care across the outpatient centers is supported by a comprehensive quality assurance programme regulated and inspected by internal and highly regarded external auditors.

3. Diagnostic Services

Our diagnostic services include laboratory tests and ultra sound services.

4. Routine Medical Check-ups

Medical examinations – tapping in on AAR’s vast experience in this area. We do the proposed package as per request on scope as follows;

  • Pre employment medical examinations
  • Periodic/ Annual Wellness checks
  • Age categorized wellness checks
  • Executive Wellness packages
  • Corporate wellness campaigns.

5. Dental Services

Dental services are available at AAR City Center and Entebbe Clinic

6. Optical Services

We offer optical services in our Acaica and Entebbe clinics.

7. Immunization

Immunization and vaccination of children before their sixth birthday against polio, tetanus, diphtheria, measles, tuberculosis and pertusis.

8. Laboratory and Pharmacy services

  • Prescribed laboratory tests.
  • Prescribed drugs, dressing and other diagnostic procedures

9. VCT for HIV and General Counseling